About Sorensen Financial Management

In 1985, Patricia Sorensen founded Sorensen Financial Management. Since we are a small firm, we know our customers and their needs intimately. Each is not just a number to us, but a valued partner. We offer an environment where you can feel confident:

  • That your money is working toward your goals effectively.
  • That you can expect prompt replies from us to your directions or inquiries.
  • That your wishes and opinions will be respected.
  • That your needs are taken into account.
  • That your investments are recommended because they are best for you.
  • That you have access to unbiased research and information.

The people who work at Sorensen Financial Management not only have the knowledge and experience to help you pursue your financial goals, but they also happen to be extremely great folks, too! Our staff is always ready to address your concerns, answer your questions, and put you at ease.

About Patricia Sorensen

Patricia Sorensen

Patricia Sorensen is the owner of Sorensen Financial Management, where she designs and monitors portfolios and helps clients to meet their financial goals.

Patricia began her investment career in 1980 with the regional brokerage firm Boettcher and Company as a stock and bond broker, where her duties included the formulation of comprehensive financial plans for clients. During the early 1980s, Boettcher and Hanifen Imhoff were the premier municipal bond houses for Colorado and the West. Patricia left Boettcher and joined Hanifen Imhoff, where she specialized in the creation of municipal bond portfolios for her clients.

Patricia graduated from St. Mary’s College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. Patricia’s studies did not end there, however, and soon she received a Master’s Degree in Philosophy and Economics from the University of Notre Dame. A second Master’s Degree in Behavioral Psychology from Western Michigan University followed.

In addition, Patricia is a Registered Investment Adviser with the State of Colorado.

In 1985 Patricia established Sorensen Financial Management. During the 1980’s and 1990’s Patricia utilized a variety of investment vehicles including mutual funds, fixed and variable annuities, unit investment trusts, as well as individual stocks and bonds. She also provided insurance coverage for her clients in the areas of long-term care and disability.

Patricia is dedicated to doing her own market, economic and investment research  and credits that commitment to enabling her to foresee the market crash of 2008. She removed her clients from the stock market in December 2007 thereby avoiding the 37% downturn.

Her research discipline continues to guide her investment strategy. Her annual client seminars provide interpretation of current market and economic trends and explanations of how her investment strategy interfaces with those trends.

Financial Planning is an essential ingredient in all of Patricia’s work with clients. She believes that every portfolio must reflect the individual situation and goal of each client. Just as we monitor the performance of investments closely, we also stay on top of any changes in clients’ lives that affect their finances. There is no charge for this service.

Patricia has always had a deep fondness for the outdoors, and when not at the office you will find her enjoying many outdoor activities, including whitewater rafting, mountain biking, hiking, skiing, and horseback riding, to name just a few.